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Three Poems - Title Page- Lithographs by Robert Motherwell

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The Three Poems deluxe bound book identifies the Title of the work with Octavia Paz as author and on a separate sheet Robert Motherwell as Lithographer. It is cast in Bauer Bodoni Bold by Fundacion Tipografica Neufville in Barcelona and printed at Wild Carrott Letterpress, Hadley MA. In pristine condition, it is printed as an 8 page folio in 2 sheets in Spanish (red) and English (black). An important identifying accompaniment along with the signed colophon to the 26 lithographs comprising the entire work.

Technical Details: Printed in 1988. Edition number 89 of 750. Taken directly from deluxe bound book of prints as full 8 page folio without frame or manipulation. Comes with complete provenance including copy of colophon signed by Robert Motherwell and Octavio Paz.