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The Circus from JAZZ portfolio by Henri Matisse

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 JAZZ was the first major publication of Matisse using his creative cut out technique. Completed in March 1944 for the esteemed Verve Magazine, JAZZ heralded a major change in medium and aesthetic for Matisse, for which he was forever remembered. Using a combination of fine art color lithographs and written imagery using his own hand writing in French. JAZZ is a unique combination of word and image, following in the well established modern French art tradition of illustrating revered French poetry and prose. 

The Circus was an important vernacular form of popular entertainment in turn of the century Paris that persists to this day in France. Beloved and portrayed in fine art by numerous modern French artists including Seurat, Picasso and numerous others, the Circus is given a modern and refreshing rendering by Matisse, juxtaposing word and image in this unique and impressive six color lithograph.

Technical Details: JAZZ Portfolio. Six color Lithograph on Paper. Printed1983. Images size 35.5 x 23.4