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The Tamarind Decade by June Wayne

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In March 1970, June Wayne celebrated the completion of the tenth year of the Tamarind Lithography Institute (which she had founded and managed in Los Angeles) with a special lithograph printed by Serge Lozingot in two editions of 20, which were later all destroyed by Wayne. At the time it was made into a collectible photo-offset poster of the exact same size as the original lithograph, by Koulton Brothers in Los Angeles (limited to 500) with very few extant today.

This rare work features a unique, reflected rendering of the alchemical sign for stone both above and below the central sign with a novel use of tusche wash interweaved with a blended intermixing of cursive letters above and below saying "the tamarind decade".  This alchemical symbol became the Tamarind's chop mark for all the famous lithographs that were ever printed at the Tamarind.

Technical Details: Photo-offset poster. Sheet size 37 x 24 inches. Printer Koulton Brothers, Los Angeles. Edition of 500.