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White Pitcher 1951 by Clinton Adams

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 One of the pioneers of modern lithography in the United States, along with June Wayne he founded the Tamarind Lithography Workshop in Los Angeles catapulting the medium of lithography into the hands of numerous artists and developing fine art printers that had an  impact on modern printmaking lasting decades. A precocious artist and a vibrant academic, his cerebral prints are a magnificent testament to his profound creative thinking, relentless persistence as an artist and a genuine understanding and love of the medium. 

 White Pitcher is an experiment in using the four colors of commercial printing (cyan, magenta, yellow and black). In the 1980's Adams destroyed the majority of the edition making this an extremely rare work.

Technical Details: Intaglio. Sheet size 17 x 13 inches. Edition number 2 of 25. 1951. Provenance - Collection of Peter Morse (personal friend of Clinton Adams and Jean Charlot).