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Poem by Allan D’Arcangelo

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D'Arcangelo was influenced by and connected with the early Pop Art movement being one of the 11  famous Pop Artists with the likes of Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein published in 1965. Prototypical of Pop artists he was comfortable in numerous graphic art media, including silkscreen and lithography. This is clearly evident in this creative lithograph spanning the entire sheet for the O'Hara portfolio.

Technical details: Sheet Number 25 of "In Memory Of My Feelings: A Selection of Poems by Frank O'Hara" published by the Museum of Modern Art in 1967. Single unsigned lithograph printed as loose 18 x 12 inch folded folio sheet on Mohawk Superfine Smooth paper. Number 142 of edition number of 2500. Comes with complete provenance including copy of colophon.