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Pan by Pablo Picasso

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In 1948, at the behest of his good friend and publisher Teriade for his popular art periodical Verve Magazine, lithographs and high quality reproductions from this critical printmaking period and photogravures of hand picked oils on canvas and drawings were featured in a special issue devoted to the work of Picasso. The issue was an instant hit in the art world of Europe and the United States, helping to establish Picasso's reputation as a fine art printmaker and the most well known artist of the modern era.

This color image is an innovative reflection by Picasso on the ancient, mythical and idyllic past.

Technical Details: Couleur De Picasso, Verve: Revue Artistique Et Literature Vol. V, No 19 & 20. Draeger Freres. Sheet size 7 x 5 inches. 19 April 1948