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On the Stone 4 by Francoise Gilot

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The fourth color lithograph portrays a woman and man in a dancing embrace, arms outstretched and intertwined surrounded by a labyrinth of connecting ovoid organic structures in dark tones of blue and black. The image is the perfect visual connection with Francois' poem "Reflection" referring to Shakespeare's Titania and Oberon "at play in the night ... wandering lovers pursued their delusions in the forest." 

After attending live performances of Shakespeare while living and working in England in the 1960's, Francoise frequently turned to the characters of A Midsummer Night's Dream in her printmaking. Such as the Spectacular study for Titania titled "Diane", Puck and the technically innovative The Dream 2. A reflection and continuation perhaps of her impressions and feelings at the initial meeting with Matisse at his home in Vence called The Dream, an ethereal studio atmosphere hidden from the light.