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On the Stone 10 by Francoise Gilot

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This lithograph is an incredible portrayal of two Scorpions with outstretched tails circling each other amid a wall of flames. The lithograph accompanies Francoise' poem titled "Scorpions" with the lines "The scorpions belong to the night. And give their names to Constellations...The scorpions, in a ring of flame, March in procession."

While living and working as an artist in the South of France as a young woman, Francoise had intimate exposure to and knowledge of Scorpions. Importantly, the two most well known men in Francoise' life, Dr. Jonas Salk (to whom she was married at the time) and Pablo Picasso (who she had left 20 years earlier) were both born under the star sign of Scorpio. Just two years earlier, Francoise had created a small edition two color lithograph titled Scorpions in Flames, consequently, her inclusion of the subject in to her Deluxe Book of Poems is not surprising.