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Scissors Jack II 1979 by Larry Zox

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While many artists in the late 1950's and early 1960's reflected elements of the poor urban metropolis, Zox was working hard to solve the problems of  formal relationships through his early collage paintings, following in the tradition of Franz Kline and William De Kooning.

Building on this strong formal experimental foundation, in 1962 Zox introduced an extensive array of intense color and hues into his painting while retaining the illusion of collage, but now without its overt tactile effects. Based on a reordering of color and shape, Zox' innovative tonal combinations created a heightened and energized pictorial surface never seen before.

The Scissors Jack Series first created in 1966 was a significant group of images that heralded a new phase of creation for Zox that would influence subsequent series for a decade. The aesthetic is characterized by Zox' use of crisp, clear colors using repeating geometric shapes with a progressive clarification and simplification of design. Zox returned to the series a second time in 1979 to re-explore this pivotal subject. The works of both series 1 and 2 are keenly sought after by collectors.

Technical Details: Four color serigraph. Sheet size 30 x 24 inches. Printed 1979. Rare Roman Edition of artist proofs, number XXVII of XXX.