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La Revue Blanche by Pierre Bonnard

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Pierre Bonnard one of the founders of the famous Nabis was one of the first to experiment with color lithography in the late 19th century that inspired numerous other artists to make prints including Toulouse-Lautrec. Founded in the 1880's, the famous art and literature magazine La Revue Blanche was keenly followed by artists, critics, poets and academics. Bonnard's color lithographs published as posters for the magazine are some of the best examples of innovative printmaking in the entire history of color lithography and were highly prized by collectors then and today.

His Le Revue Blanche created in 1894 with the enigmatic figure of a young woman aligned with a creative use of lettering (the V forming the tip of the woman's unopened umbrella) was an instant hit among collectors and the avant-garde. In 1966 the famous Galerie Maeght in Paris commissioned a high quality color lithographic printing of the image as the frontispiece for its prestigious periodical Derriere Le Miroir. A rare, valuable and highly sought after vintage color lithograph, making this work a very affordable and significant entry level investment piece..

Technical Details: Four Color Lithograph. Printed 1966. Sheet size: 12 x 9.5 inches. Provenance: Derriere Le Miroir, Galerie Maeght, Paris.