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The Apparition by June Wayne

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In 1958 June Wayne embarked on the production of a Deluxe Book illustrating the songs and sonets of John Donne with fifteen lithographs. Impressed by the work of master printmaker Marcel Durassier in Paris and with only 70 working days to spare in his schedule, both he and Wayne worked around the clock to create and complete an edition of 110  from October 1958 through January 1959.

The same year, Wayne had been negotiating with the Ford Foundation to fund a print workshop in the United States with the goal of not only attracting artists to the medium of stone lithography but also training fine art lithographic printers which were almost non existent outside Paris. Part of this negotiation included a promise by Wayne to return from Paris with a completed example of the John Donne Deluxe Book. She fulfilled her promise and within a year the Tamarind Lithography Institute was funded catalyzing decades of fine art lithography creation and the training of numerous lithographic printers (that continues to this day). Many of these Tamarind trained printers started their own print workshops or were employed in printing fine art lithography all over the United States.

This work connected to Donne's Apparition was the third attempt by Wayne (the first two print versions she was unhappy with and produced editions of only 25). It is an effective portrayal of the drama of Donne's words "Then shall my ghost come to thy bed" worked to perfection using only black ink on stone.

Technical Details: Lithograph. Sheet size 15 x 11 inches. Printer - Marcel Durassier, Paris, December 1958. Edition number 13 of 110.