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Bathrobe by Jim Dine

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Jim Dine is a consummate fine art printmaker with an interest in, commitment to and experience with printmaking spanning decades, that is almost unparalleled in the history of modern art. Early in his career he quickly gravitated to fine art printmaking, with important early serigraphs, followed by stone lithography and later etching, creating some of the most innovative original prints in modern art.  His hunger for experimentation and innovation has been a hallmark of his career.

Dine's ability to use a variety of graphic techniques in his images is not only a rare finding among fine artists but indicates his extensive knowledge of printmaking allowing him to achieve the powerful emotional quality in his work.

Focusing on his early prints, DKH has a collection of original prints and vintage high quality posters connected to important early exhibits of his work that gives the viewer and collector a unique window through which they can understand and appreciate how his printmaking aesthetic evolved over time and the significant place he has in the history of modern art.

Like his signature heart symbol, the bathrobe was an early symbol in a fact considered his self-portrait, that he employed in his art (especially his printmaking) beginning in 1965, that he reworked periodically in his printmaking spanned several decades. This historical vintage poster of the bathrobe printed by Petersburg Press, London is an excellent entry level fine art print, with significant investment value.

Technical Details: Historical vintage lithographic poster. Sheet size 36 x24 inches. Petersburg Press, London, 1970.