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Lauhala (Sates A, A/B and A/B/C) by Jean Charlot

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Lauhala was created just one year before Charlot's death and brings together in one magnificent work decades of experience of fine art printmaking. The Hala Grove was situated just behind his home which inspired this modern rendering including on the lower left a ceramic statue (a prop which he had for one of his Hawaiin plays) and a red headed Brazilian cardinal that was common in the area.

The process of producing this work is well documented in the Catalog Raisonne compiled by Peter Morse (suppl.p.21) and is a tour de force of creative professionalism and focus that is even more remarkable given Charlot's age at the time. Beginning on March 29, 1978 he finished all the drawings for the serigraph in just 5 days. Cutting of the serigraph stencils took another month using a unique approach perfected by Charlot over five decades. Unlike most artists who use one basic plate with a self sufficient design and then highlight and enrich with additional colors, for Charlot no single or unfinished combination was self sufficient. The entirety of the work was never complete or fully appreciated until all the colors were printed. He had the ability to synthesize all color separations and additions entirely in his mind. This process is illustrated to perfection in a careful examination of proofs A-E in this work which combine to produce a magnificent Final Image. Proofs were pulled and corrected in only 3 days with the help of Peter Morse and only five days later the entire edition of 75 was signed by Charlot.

These three unique proofs, which combine to produce state A/B/C, show Charlot's unique ability to synthesize all color separations and additions entirely in his mind (compare to states A/B/C/D, E and Final Proof for a full understanding of this unique process) and are excellent entry level fine art prints, with considerable investment value when paired with the other historically significant and unique matching color proofs and the final proof.

Technical Details: State A, A/B, A/B/C, serigraph. Sheet size 28 x 20 inches. Honolulu 1978. Rare and Unique Color Proofs used by artist create Final signed edition. Provenance - Collection of Peter Morse.