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The Dream II by Francoise Gilot

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In 1960 June Wayne founded the Tamarind Lithography Institute which catalyzed decades of fine art lithography creation and the training of numerous lithographic printers (that continues to this day). Wayne directed the Tamarind Lithography Institute in Los Angeles for 10 years and after achieving her goals the Tamarind moved to New Mexico under the direction of fellow printmaker and friend Clinton Adams. Wayne now free of burdensome administrative tasks now relished the creation of her own work as a printmaker at her studio and print workshop in Los Angeles known as the Tamstone Group. 

It was at this transition time in1969 that Francoise and June Wayne met for the first time in Southern California. Wayne invited Francoise to make lithographs at the Tamarind in 1969 (where she created two lithographs in black) and again in the following at the Tamstone using the print expertise of master printer Serge Lozingot from the Mourlot in Paris (Francoise had known him in Paris for many years). The second invitation proved very productive with Francoise creating 5 exquisite lithographs at the Tamstone in 1970 including the technically difficulte and unique work titled Dream II. Using the same black stone from a previous print titled Dream I, the image was moved by just one millimeter to create a haunting outline of dream-like figures. Inspired by Shakespeares' play A Midsummer Nights Dream the work is an iconic print held in some of the famous museums of the world, such as the National Gallery in Washington D.C.

Technical Details: Two color lithograph. Sheet size 22 x 30 inches. Edition of 25. Printed - Tamstone Group, Los Angeles. 1970 (printer Serge Lozingot).