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Christ on the Cross by Godefroy Engelmann

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In the early 1800's (just a few decades folllowing the discovery of lithography) Engelmann opened a print operation in Paris and was one of the first to attract artists to the new graphic technology. His superior technical expertise as a printmaker including his perfection of the use of color, known as chromolithography, was quickly recognized. 

This extremely rare, early (almost 200 years old) and valuable work produced by Engelmann in the early 1830's at his Paris workshop on Rue de l'Abbaye is a dramatic example of his skill as a printmaker demonstrating the ability of color lithography to reproduce to perfection (as we see in this work) the rich detail and visual beauty of illustrated manuscripts. Ironically, it took another 50 years before artists and the public embraced extensive use of color in printmaking.

Technical Details: Eight color lithograph. Sheet size 12 x 9 inches. 1832.