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Birth of Venus II by Clinton Adams

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In 1975, fifteen artists including Clinton Adams were hand picked to produce 4 lithographs to celebrate 15 years of the famous Tamarind Institute (founded by June Wayne and Clinton Adams). One lithograph from each artist was chosen to be included for an exclusive portfolio of fine art color lithographs known as the "Suite Fifteen". The entire Suite took a full two years to complete and was published in 1977.

Adam's selection of the subject, The Birth of Venus, builds on the classical renderings of this popular Greek myth, with a silhouette after Chasseriau's famous 19th century lithograph and flowing hair covering the pubic area as seen in Boticelli's famous painting of the 15th century. The nautilus shell in profile recalls the Golden Ratio so often seen in nature, a clever modern reinterpretation and twist on this classical theme.

This original lithograph is the extremely rare Bon a Tirer, the benchmark from which the entire edition of 70 was created making it one of the most important historical works of the Tamarind and Adams' prolific printmaking career.

Technical Details: Five color lithograph, Bon a Tirer. Image size 30x22 inches. Print edition of 70. Published and printed, Suite Fifteen, Tamarind Institute, NM 1976.