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Bulls of Bordeaux - Spanish Entertainment by Francisco Goya

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The artistic height of early black and white lithography was also seen with major innovations by the great Spanish painter Francisco Goya, whose fascination with lithography was realized at the advanced age 79. Having left his home land, deaf and partially blind his Bulls of Bordeaux series created in 1825, as a meditation on the beloved bull fight of Spain, was the crowing achievement of his brief albeit important period of printmaking. With flowing character, innovative shading and use of light to capture emotion and drama, it was unparalleled for the time and impressive even by todays standards. He placed the lithographic stone upright on his easel like a canvas, placing human figure and animal on the stone with rapid speed. 

Technical Details: Lithograph. Sheet size 14 x 11 inches. Provenance: Collection of Philip Hofer, Dover Publications, New York 1966.