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Atelier Mourlot by Joan Mirror

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After Miro's return to Paris in 1950, Mourlot invited him to renew making color lithographs at his workshop on Rue Chabrol which he did with vigor, always working with the same printers handling his press. Due to Miro's extensive experience with lithogrpahy spanning many years, Mourlot commented "His poetic instinct inspires his choice  of unforeseen elements which he succeeds in incorporating in his lithographs." Bordering on a child-like simplicity, Miro's distinctive style and aesthetic was way ahead of his time and revered to this day.

In 1966 Fernand Mourlot seeing the shift of avant-garde fine art printmaking from Paris to the United States, sent his son Jacques (a superb master printer) to open a workshop in New York on Bank Street. Jacque worked all the major fine art printmakers of the time in the United States, such as Jasper Johns and Roy Lichtenstein and continued to print lithographs from the masters of Paris including Miro. This extremely rare color lithograph created by Miro and printed in 1968 in New York celebrates the the famous Mourlot Atelier now on both sides of the Atlantic. 

Technical Details: Five color lithograph. Sheet size 28 x21 inches. Atelier Mourlot, New York, 1968.