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The Dove by Pablo Picasso

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In 1946 at the invitation of Fernand Mourlot, Picasso spent an intense period of several months learning and ultimately re-inventing lithography. Unlike many artists of his generation familiar with printmaking, Picasso was never formally taught and relied heavily on his printers to navigate many of the technical problems that needed solving to produce what he wanted. Mourlot made the observation that "During this period Picasso exhausted the possibilities of the process". The lithographs he made at Mourlot were quickly disseminated and seen throughout Europe and the United States, where many artists for the first time saw the infinite creative possibilities and innovations possible with lithography.

With meticulous detail, Fernand Mourlot documented all the graphic works he printed for Picasso and created with Andre Sauret what is the arguably the most comprehensive publication of Picasso's graphic works printed at the Mourlot titled, Picasso Lithographie, with high quality color lithographs spanning the most critical, influential and historically important period of his lithography with Mourlot (1947-1963).

Picasso was asked to submit an image for the second international peace conference in London in 1950. The idea of the Dove to represent the theme of world peace was explored by Picasso in print medium to great effect and international acclaim. This series of four images is one of his first exploration of many that he would make of the Dove. He and Francoise Gilot named their daughter Paloma or Dove in spanish.

Technical Details: Lithograph. Sheet size 12.5 x 9.5 inches. Picasso Lithographie Volume III, Andre Sauret, Monte Carlo, 1950. #190-193 (two sheets)