The Four Elements Suite by Francoise Gilot

In 1977 Francoise was extended a prestigious 2nd invitation to create lithographs at the Tamarind Institute in New Mexico. Working with budding young printers such as, Glen Brill and Joy Purmal Baker, together they created some of the most technically and aesthetically exquisite lithographs in the history of post WW2 printmaking including an entire suite of prints called The Four Elements Suite.

This suite consisted of 4 lithographs the classical elements of air, fire, earth and water. This was an opportunity for Francoise to address her long time love of archetypal symbols and heraldic emblems in her work. Her choice of the 4 elements acted as a "spring board to express differences, opposition and similarities woven into attractive compositions." They are wonderful reflection on this ancient theme in art and beautifully achieved via the medium of stone lithography in ways that only Francoise could conceive of and execute to perfection. The suite was exquisitely presented together as all 4 lithographs with an accompanying printed description of the suite written by Francoise in a handsome dark red colored slip case.