Three Poems: Robert Motherwell

Three Poems is the most comprehensive single Portfolio in Motherwell's prolific printmaking career, demonstrating the full range of his extensive and unique lithographic techniques and aesthetic in a massive 26 lithographs.

The beginnings of Robert Motherwell's career as an artist was heavily influenced by his travels to Mexico. As the youngest of the "First Generation" of Abstract Expressionists, Motherwell quickly emerged as an innovative printmaker and frequently turned to literature for inspiration, especially the poetry of Mexican poets, including, Octavio Paz.

As a Nobel Prize winning poet, Octavio Paz was not only one of the major poets of the 20th century but had a deep understanding of modern art, publishing two books on Marcel Duchamp. Motherwell spent over a year integrating his creation of 26 lithographs with Paz' poetry, sparing no expense to produce a magnificent deluxe collection of prints with a rich interplay between text and image titled Three Poems.

DKH Gallery is proud to exhibit Motherwell's celebrated Three Poems to the discerning collector.