Francoise Gilot - The Perseverance of Women

DKH USA is proud to exhibit a select group of fine art original prints by Francoise Gilot reflecting the perseverance, resilience and strength of women in times of crisis, loss and loneliness. Especially relevant during the current pandemic crisis affecting women of all ages worldwide.

Works include:

Insight in somber blue and grey tones shows a pensive and resolute central female figure looking out a window amid a world of chaos and imminent destruction beautifully portrayed in overlapping, swirling, arcuate forms.

Intuition captures the precise moment in Greek Mythology when the maiden Daphne transforms into a Laurel tree, halting the hot pursuit of the God of Light, Apollo. Unable to possess Daphne, Apollo declares "with you my hair will be wreathed" a fitting reminder of Daphne's victory over man and the Gods.

Hysterikos is a drawing accompanying Judith Di Gennaro's book of poems illustrated by Francoise, a unique and imaginative portrayal of the power of the female form. This image bears an intimate connection with the poem titled "Woman" saying "I am possessed by exquisite awareness of my femaleness, that dominates all I do."

Diane (A Study for Titania) celebrates Ovid's proud and resilient daughter of the Titans, immortalized in Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream. A magnificent image masterfully created by Francoise over 50 years ago.

Winter is one of four works celebrating the Seasons of the year using a youthful  female figure confronting the viewer and surrounded by somber colors of blue and plum adorned with diamonds, spades, clubs and hearts. A reflection on the power of symbols to help young women navigate and make sense of a changing and confusing world.

Rose in the Desert in deep red and orange tones portrays a dreamlike desert landscape with reflective foreground symbols of gardening gloves, wedding rings in blue ribbon and a desert rose blooming in a harsh wilderness reality. A reflection on the symbols of a life lived in a foreboding existence.

Sunflower with Fallen Petals shows in vibrant yellow and orange the radiance and strength of the Sunflower in the light of day which inevitably fades as petals fall, a powerful metaphor of the fragility of life. 

Fine art print reproductions are available upon request for a limited time produced on Velin Arches mold made paper 100% cotton fiber smooth, acid free and buffered with registered water mark using a standard sheet size of 13.5 x 9.75 inches. All proceeds going to a special exhibit of Francoise' original prints celebrating her 100th year in 2021 hosted by the Fine Art Gallery, Ferris State University, Big Rapids, MI. Please enquire directly about pricing if interested.