Francoise Gilot: Painter, Printmaker and Poet

Born in 1921, Francoise Gilot was a precocious artist with the perfect combination of an extremely keen intellect and a passion for art. While painting is her favored artistic medium, what she refers to as her "Royal Road" her natural affinity and talent for printmaking, especially color lithography is unparalleled spanning a massive four decades of creation. While painting may be her Royal Road, the road she has travelled most, especially in terms of  production and appreciation by hundreds of individual collectors over the decades, has been her fine art printmaking, in particular her color lithography. 

Although most well know for her art (including painting, printmaking and drawing) her writing ability is second to none with a command of the English language that is quite simply extraordinary. Her artistic mind has been informed and shaped by an extraordinary life experience (including brushes with death and dictators early in her life) and a superb early education including prose, poetry, languages, classical literature and of course art and art history (against the will of her domineering father).  The numerous extraordinary full length books (my personal favorite is her book about Matisse and Picasso), essays in exhibit catalogs and her poetry are a must read, giving one a rare inside glimpse in to the life of prominent School of Paris artists and intellectuals during and following World War Two with an added commentary and interpretation of an experienced art professor, art critic and art historian, all in one.

We hope you enjoy the combination of exhibits and the collection items (many for sale) with accompanying images and commentary and come away with a greater appreciation for this unsung titan of Modern fine art printmaking.