Abstract Expressionist and Post-Impressionist Lithography

DKH is proud to exhibit the original lithographs from an elite group of Abstract Expressionist and Post-Impressionist printmakers including: Robert Motherwell, Jasper Johns, Robert Rauschenberg, Claus Olderburg, Roy Lichtenstein, William and Elaine De Kooning, Helen Frankenthaler, Barnett Newman, Larry Rivers, Alex Katz, Lee Krasner and others. 

In 1967 Robert Motherwell acting as artistic advisor gathered together an elite consortium of avante garde artists of the day (many of which were little known at the time) to produce an unparalleled collection of lithographs to accompany 30 poems of poet, writer and art critic, Frank O'Hara, who died in a tragic accident at the age of 40 in 1966. The key factor that brought this elite group of artists together for this historical effort was their personal friendship with O'Hara whose magnetic personality and unapologetic raw poetry resonated with artists, poets, critics and academics in New York where he lived and interacted from 1951. Artists actively sought after his poetry which was regularly published by New York Gallery owner John Myers (in the form of pamphlets available in his gallery). O'Hara's first pamphlet of poems titled "A City Winter" was accompanied with drawings by Larry Rivers (the first early printmaker with ULAE in New York). The connection with Robert Motherwell in this project was absolutely critical, as he demanded the respect and admiration of the artists and the art establishment (especially the MOMA) to make the portfolio a reality only a year after O'Hara's death.

Similar to the Cafe's of Paris where artists, poets and philosophers would exchange ideas at the turn of the 19th century,  O'Hara was a frequent visitor to the Cedar Tavern in New York, catching up on the latest gossip while enjoying harmless banter between artists and poets. In this setting he created rapid fire, spontaneous lines of verse, akin to the automatism and spontaneity of the modern painters with whom he rubbed shoulders with while enjoying a drink together.

As you take the time to study the artists and contents of this portfolio you will quickly realize that this is a pivotal snapshot in time that captures the essence and status of post WW2 modernism and post modernism at a critical fledgling moment. This collection of lithographs is a one off treasure that has yet to be repeated in the history of modern art and its historical importance can not be overstated. Without exception, every artist participating in this ground breaking portfolio would go on to make significant contributions to art and culture that would influence generations of artists, collectors and art lovers for decades to come.

Published by the Museum of Modern Art in 1967, this unique portfolio collection of fine art lithographs printed as loose 18 x 12 inch folded folio sheets on Mohawk Superfine Smooth paper, is now available to the discerning collector.